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Is Graphene a Great Material for Shoes?

Recent research proves that graphene is one of the most significant resources that can thrust today’s technology forward. The said material possessed various traits that exceed current resources, making multiple industries look forward to utilizing it. The properties that make it a high-tier material ranges from physical to mechanical.

Overall, graphene remains a material with individual prowess. However, that does not mean that its performance will reduce if it acts as an ingredient for a composite.

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How Graphene Makes the Best Shoes

In the shoe industry, manufacturers and researchers had always thrived to pursue the best and the most advanced shoe innovation. Thanks to the constant developments and studies, the avenues are undoubtedly infinite. We truly are entering an entirely new era. Innovation in clothing and footwear is beginning to become more and more significant.

One of the latest fashions in the shoe industry is the union of a "miracle material" and running shoes. In 2018, the very first graphene footwear to run in the world entered the market. This “miracle material” is called graphene, the most impressive material in the world. And it seems like scientists have discovered its advantage to footwear.

Innovating and Utilizing Graphene More

In producing goods for athletes, companies require an exemplary implementation to have high-tier products. Long-timers in the field even mentioned that performance stays at the centre of the industry. That said, with graphene’s potential to pursue more development, companies enable themselves to seek more innovation. Likewise, the introduction of graphene to the sports product industry paved the way for companies to pursue changes in their product. That means that they can show their efficiency in improving their products, not just in footwear but equipment as well. In addition, the most recent advancement in the creative interaction presently makes graphene more moderate, with the expense consistently diminishing. As of now, researches centre principally around improving cutting-edge gear with graphene. They have started to see the consolidation of graphene altogether sorts of outdoor supplies. That includes goods for tennis, cycling, and even skiing.

Why Does Graphene Make the Best Shoes?

Graphene, a hexagonal complex, is composed of carbon atoms. Even thinner than hair, graphene has a width of just one atom thick. That is why graphite is the narrowest material on earth.

The discovery of graphene was made possible because of Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, researchers at the University of Manchester, in 2004. Graphene has such incredible conductivity. And compared to steel, graphene is 200 times stronger. Because of its outstanding properties, graphene certainly can revolutionize the shoe industry.

More importantly, graphene could help you run faster. With rubber and graphene-enhanced soles, the revolutionary running shoe is heavier and more wear-resistant. To create extremely strong soles, researchers at the University of Manchester heated rubber. Then, there was an addition of microscopic particles and the other preservatives and colours at the same point.


To create the extremely-strong soles, researchers at the University of Manchester heated rubber. Then, there was an addition of microscopic particles and the other preservatives and colors at the same point.

In collaboration with a British company, the experts at the University of Manchester were able to produce Inov-8. Inov-8 is the world’s first sports shoes made with graphene. The Inov-8 soles are infused with graphene, making the Inov-8 footwear more durable than the generic sports shoes. During the trials, the company stated the effect of graphene. Reports revealed that the graphene meant that the shoes were able to survive 1,000 miles of running.

Effects of Graphene on Activities

Having a softer graphene-enhanced sole, it could deform more effectively. The deformation would allow the sole to catch the surface on which you're moving. However, the increase in grip requires more strength since soft rubber wears down much quicker. Researchers have tried to reinforce rubber by adding silica compounds, but it deliberately makes the compounds lose some of their grips. A minimum quantity of graphene with rubber would lead to a new compound that is 50% more durable and 50% more stretcher than the usual rubber. As the rubber sole deforms, the material transfers more tension to the graphene in the mixture. Thus, graphene prevents the soles from wearing away quickly.


Why graphene became relevant in the sports industry?

As found on sports footwear, graphene acquires better execution in various ways: mechanical obstruction, roughness, and versatility. Additionally, graphene prompts advancement in a lighter and more flexible material, just as in thermo managed hardware.

The innovation today marks only the start of further development, which means people should expect more changes. Not only that, companies would probably start investing in producing graphene-based equipment, like how in-8 did. If this pursuance continues, then the world will witness a breakthrough in the sports equipment industry.

Industry Benefits

Graphene has the power to transform the entire athletic world. In the coming years, graphene-enhanced running shoes could be the world’s best running shoes. Runners do not have to worry about wearing worn-out shoes. Because of graphene-enhanced shoes, running is just made more manageable.

Sure enough, it is not just the sports world that is going to be revolutionized by graphene. Each industry would benefit from the peculiarities of graphene. As graphene is getting cheaper and cheaper for mass production, it is not a doubt that producers of all sorts of products will directly shift to graphene materials for better quality for their products.

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