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About Graphene

Driven by recent studies conducted by several institutions, graphene has risen through the market and paved the way for several advancements. Various industries have begun applying graphene to their products to take advantage of the better qualities. Its application ranges from the construction field to electronics. In the past, companies had always recognised graphene as a useful material but never had the means to extract it from graphite. However, by 2004, professors from the University of Manchester successfully unveiled the process of extracting the material from graphite, paving the way for world class innovations.

About Graphene

Graphene remains one of the greatest discoveries of humanity due to its qualities. Graphene contains only a single layer of atoms, making experts consider it as two-dimensional, and so is relatively the thinnest material ever discovered. It is both thin and lightweight meaning applying it to products will significantly reduce its weight. Despite being thin and light, it has a formidable strength that is remarkably 200 times stronger than steel. Likewise, it has an enhanced electric and thermal conductivity compared to the most metallic material.


Future of Graphene

Currently, several industries use graphene to innovate their present-day products either through compositing it or as the main material. The automotive industry remains one of the main fields to begin using graphene in their products. Its application varies for the industry: it can serve as a non-corrosive paint since it provides an impermeable layer for the surface. It can also be an additive for the exterior to reduce the weight of the vehicle, providing better efficiency. With graphene’s multiple quality traits, it can provide numerous applications for companies, depending on the amount of investment that is dedicated to study the material.

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Growth of Graphene

Since graphene application isn’t limited to few industries, it is normal for the material to hold such a high value in the market. 

Last 2020, Global Graphene Market was reported to hold a value of US$127 million. However, they expect the number to grow even further by 70% through 2021-2026. Moreover, they envisioned the medical industry to spearhead its growth as it can provide assistance when it comes to antimicrobial activities.

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Dexterous Graphene

Production of Graphene

Manufacturers have two approaches when it comes to producing graphene. They include chemical vapour deposition and the exfoliation of graphite. Among the two, the chemical vapour deposition has been renounced as the best way to collect graphene. With this process, companies can produce single-layered graphene to provide versatility. However, producing high-quality graphene comes at a cost, literally. The process costs are more expensive compared to the other available processes, but at the same time, they can only contain few products. Meanwhile, the exfoliation of graphite refers to the cleaving or splitting of the mineral to collect several layers of graphene

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